If you have any plugin who not allow players to connect with nick webistes names remove it!!

Kicked :"Change your nickname! Domain found! "

* in your counter-strike server, delete the file motd.txt entirely or empty its contents.Because of this file many non-steam players get errors or the non-steam client freezes when they join your server.

* we suggest you reduce the quantity of resources on your server (sounds,models etc.) because most of the players won't stay and download these resources and cancel the connection to your server.In case you have zombie,gungame etc. servers that require resources, please make sure that you have a good download url and that the resources are in the fast download.You can check your server for resources using a clean version of counter-strike ,you can download one from here : Download. Remember that even though you may download the resources on your server pretty fast, many others can't due to bandwith limitations.

* make sure your server is non-steam patched since many players use non-steam game clients.

* we suggest that you use the pingfaker plugin that hides the real latency, using this many players will stay and play longer periods of time.

* You can download a good version from here : Download .At the same time you have to put these cvars in amxx.cfg or server.cfg :

- pingfake_enable 1
- pingfake_ping 18
- pingfake_flux 13

* in case you use a high ping kicker, we suggest you set it to kick players with latency above 200, not below

* in dproto.cfg modify these cvars:

# FakePlayers_ConnectInitiationCheck (seconds)
# Sets the time, in seconds, in which client should initiate
# game session (in other words, send the "new" command) after it has
# been connected. If client did not initiated game session, it will be marked as
# fake and kicked.
# Default is 6 seconds.
# Use 0 to disable this check.
FakePlayers_ConnectInitiationCheck = 0
# FakePlayers_ClientValidationCheck (seconds)
# Sets the time, in seconds, in which client should answer to random unique command
# sent by server. If client did not answered for this command, it will be marked as
# fake and kicked.
# Default is 8 seconds.
# Use 0 to disable this check.
FakePlayers_ClientValidationCheck = 0
# FakePlayers_AntiReconnect (0/1)
# Enables detection of fakeplayers that reconnects quickly (every < 10 seconds)
# before fake players checks have completed.
# This check will work only if FakePlayers_ClientValidationCheck and
# FakePlayers_ConnectInitiationCheck are enabled.
# Default is 1 (ON)
FakePlayers_AntiReconnect = 0
# FakePlayers_BanTime (minutes)
# Dproto will ban IP spamming fakeplayers for time (in minutes) specified in this variable
# use 0 for permanent ban
# use negative vaules to disable ban (fake players will only be kicked)
FakePlayers_BanTime = -1

* don't use plugins like:

* LoadingMenu.amxx ,gamemenu.amxx or any other plugin that modifies the players client menu, because in most cases it will erase it completely

* Plugins that show each player connecting or disconnecting in the chat

* maintain the number of hud and chat messages to a minimum

* in the maps directory delete the .res files of common maps (Example : de_dust2.res , de_train.res etc.) since most of these files contain bogus.

resources that aren't even on your servers, and when a player connects it will start the download resulting in error messages.Attention! Do this only for common maps, do not do this for gungame/zombie/surf etc. maps

* Be carefull which versions of 32 slots maps you use (de_train32 , de_tuscan32 , de_kabul32 etc.) since there are many versions on the internet and it happens very often that players trying to connect have a different map than the one you have on your server, and they can't join your server

* in case you don't get many connecting players after you have boosted your server, add these cvars to your server.cfg file:

- max_queries_sec_global 0
- max_queries_sec 0
- sv_enableoldqueries 1
- mp_autokick 0

* the game of counter-strike 1.6 has been very messed up due to the updates made in the last 2 years, it has very many bugs ,that is why we suggest that you keep the number of plugins and resources to a minimum.

New Download Counter-Strike 1.6 !!!