F.A.Q. | Boost-CS16.Eu

1) Are all servers included in MasterServer?
Answer: Yes. All servers that are added to the boost get into the MasterServer.

2) How do I boost the server??
Answer: Choose how long you want to boost it and then put ip: port the server in the ip space and then click on donate, complete the payment and the server will be added automatically.

3) How is the rotation of places in the MasterServer?
Answer: currently MS sorts servers from the lowest ping to the highest ping

4) How to extend the service?
Answer: You can extend the server period by making a new payment.

5) How do I see if the server appears in the masterserver?
Answer: Download our CS and go to Find Server / Internet, then check if it appears in the list of servers.

6) Do you do partnerships ?
Answer: We do not make partnerships.

7) Do you have a contact method ?
Answer: We don't have a contact method because the site and the masterserver work automatically!

8) Do you offer refunds?
Answer: No. Refunds are not made.

9) Where can I download your assembly?
Answer: Click Here : Download Counter-Strike 1.6 !